JJSploit- Offical Download New Version For Roblox (2022)

JJSploit- Offical Download New Version For Roblox (2022)

Every week, the majority of exploits are discovered. Return to this page frequently for updates and fixes. One of the better Roblox exploiters is JJSploit, which uses the WeAreDevs API. With only one click, it offers a variety of sophisticated cheats. This is the only way that will lead you to play like a monster. JJSploit is free and will always be without any advertisements.

Decentralized Network


Big Updates and Lots of improvements on the newly released Version

Adds new features that allow you to enjoy the game even more, such as infinite jump, no lengths, and high hips.

The world’s most popular Roblox exploiter

Security, Privately Owned.

VPN: Use Virtual Private Network if not connecting Internet.


Is JJSploit Safe?

The website JJSploit.online is NOT a harmful one. Due to the software alteration involved in our exploits, antivirus software misinterprets them. The websites and individuals who claim otherwise are ignorant and mistaken.

Stops Unsecure Connection.

Exploits are only a click away.

Some Browsers like Chrome blacks downloading. Due to enabled Safe Browsing.


How it works

Easy to get started

Using it with a game is quite simple just you have to follow some instructions.

Join a game

You need to first run the game.

Run JJSploit

Make sure JJSploit is opened. On JJSploit, select the giant green attach button. Watch for the notification to show up in the game’s bottom right corner.

Executing Scripts

When you get a notification, JYou can now start executing scripts and using the button commands!

How to uninstall?


First of all, click on the Control Panel icon on your PC and open it


Once it is opened, make click on the option of ‘Uninstall a Program.


You can choose JJSploit, then right-click with your mouse, and then select Uninstall.